Sorry, I’m bad at blogging. Lots of big changes happening, so I’m busy. 

Song of the day. ‘Memba this? 

"Preach peace and pour from the pulpit."

Download Why?’s new “Sod in the Seed” EP from soundcloud, free. Tracks 1 and 6 are the most solid, while the rest of it… s’okay. 

WHY? - Sod In The Seed (Official Music Video) (by pitchforktv)

So happy Yoni is rapping again.

Although… I hate this video. The level of hipsterdom makes me embarrassed to be a fan, not going to lie. 

No really, this may be the worst video I’ve ever seen. You’ve been warned. 

More Jai Paul! This is too demo-ish to get a good sound out of it, unfortunately.

Jai Paul - Jasmine

It’s a good week for… well, I’d say music, but really, just for my favorites. Here’s Tom Waits’ new video for “Hell Broke Luce”. 

"Today’s Supernatural" is the first single from the new Animal Collective album- though they’ve been performing and tweaking this for a year or so. Cool to see a song you didn’t originally like turn into something you can’t stop listening to. 

It’s crazy how much I want to hear the rest of their new album, Centipede Hz, out Sept. 3 on Domino. Crazy in italics- good thing someone created didcentipedehzleakyet.